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We have variety broadcasting solutions that accommodate to different environments, budgets and industries to satisfy our valuable customers.

We specialize in providing solutions for all kind of events and environment, such as: Sport, Election, TV programs, Live concert, OB van, Production house and many more. We also provide professional system integration and workflow design for integrating with client's existing or newly system.

We provide the most advanced and world-class broadcasting equipment in this industry  to our customers in ensuring  that they have the best quality and magnificent shots for their production.

Our equipment includes the high end system uses for international games and live events such as Olympics, FIFA World Cup and Universiade game. Additionally, we have wide range of specials camera equipment such as replay system (EVS), extreme slow-motion camera (i-MOVIX), mini cable-cam system (DynamiCam, Flyline), robotic camera system (Ross Furio and TowerCam.

Men Shing Enterprise strives to bring quality, cost effective and highly advanced equipments to their customer.

Augmented reality and virtual reality are one of Men Shing's top strength, and we are also quite known as a AR/VR specialist in our region.


We have many years of experience in producing election shows, special tv programs, live sport program in virtual environment for our clients, Men Shing has the expertise you need for a wide variety of applications.

We are your one-stop-shop for leading-edge program and graphic design, also API development. Today’s graphic systems are more powerful, complex, and confusing than ever, and unused functionality destroys competitive advantage. Let us help you get it back.

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