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Our experience

Men Shing has doing production service for more than a decade. We are specialized in making news, event and sport production, also the very first company who brought AR, VR and TV interaction to live TV programs in Taiwan, and we are well known in providing special film equipments for TV production. 


We are very experience in making election programs for TV stations since 2002 Taiwan president election, and we are also the first company who brought AR and VR into live news program also live casting and counting votes for elections.


Live sport production is always the most changeling job for a broadcaster, but we have a very solid crew who can enhance your sport production to the highest level. We were participating in 2017 Taipei Universiade for live broadcasting with Olympics level equipments, such as railcam, divecam, underwater railcam and etc.


We provided AR total solution with robotic systems for Golden Melody Award in 2017, which is the biggest music award in all Chinese speaking regions and countries. 

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