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Acuity 製作切換台隆重推出IP I/O 和令人振奮的新產品功能

在2016年NAB展會上,Ross帶來Acuity製作切換台的幾項重大改進,讓與會者先睹為快。參展的所有系統均為4.0版軟件,具備了一系列引人關注的新功能,包括Split ME、DVE特技效果、照明引擎以及最新的多種處理輸入卡選項的支持。此外,展會中我們還看到精緻美觀的全新DoubleDown版本Acuity面板。 Acuity 是公認的先進製作平台,而這新增的功能可使其成為以SD、HD 或UHD 格式製作高端活動、新聞和體育賽事的首選平台。 4.0 版本對廣受歡迎的多點功能進行進一步擴展,增加了Split ME控制。現在可以將一個Acuity ME設置為兩個ME,並指定最多8個鍵控器。這些功能賦予Acuity豐富的配置,使其能夠勝任更多的製作環境和工作流程。如今,滿載的8ME機可以配置為大規模16ME 系統,當然也可以是完整的4 ME UHD (4K) 導播機。除此之外,新的變形效果和照明引擎還能建立更為複雜的視覺效果,從而讓您確信- 無論您的製作目標是什麼,Acuity都能提供滿足您需求的工具。 在與Evertz的共同努力下,Acuity現可配備IP (10G) I/O 信號管理功能。新的Acuity IPBlade採用ASPEN和SMPTE 2022-6協議,並提供標準的SDI連接。這些新的IP I/O卡同標準Acuity I/O卡並存,允許混合IP/SDI系統配置。 在NAB展會上,ASPEN Community攤位、Evertz攤位和Ross攤位展示與Acuity的IP互連,並且均配備由Evertz Magnum控制系統控制的IP信號管理功能。 Acuity DoubleDown雙排母線面板針對體育賽事和其他快節奏製作項目中的大型I/O 系統而設計,雙倍的按鍵可加快此類現場環境中的操作速度。DoubleDown 總線模型是將每個ME 行的鍵/輔助總線分配按鈕數量加倍的最佳選擇。這樣能顯著減少,甚至完全消除對shift的需要。   Acuity 一直在快速發展,Ross也將繼續維持在製作切換台研發領域的重大投資,從而確保該產品不僅現在是用戶的最佳選擇,未來也將如此。


Acuity is already a truly advanced production powerhouse, the addition of these new features make it the number one choice for production of high end events, news, and sport – in SD, HD or UHD formats.

Version 4.0 further expands the capabilities of the acclaimed MultiFeed functionality with added Split ME controls. Now it is possible to set up an Acuity ME as two MEs with up to eight keyer assignments.

The extensive configurability enabled by these features permits Acuity to fit into an even greater number of production environments and workflows. A fully loaded 8 ME machine can now be configured as a massive 16 ME system – or of course a full 4 ME UHD (4K) switcher. Add to that new warp effects and lighting engines to build even more sophisticated looks, and you can be sure that whatever your production goals are – Acuity will provide the tools to meet them.

In a collaborative effort with Evertz, Acuity can now be equipped with IP (10G) I/O signal management. The new Acuity IPBlades work with ASPEN and SMPTE 2022-6 Protocols and also provide standard SDI connections. These new IP I/O cards can coexist with standard Acuity I/O cards permitting hybrid IP/SDI system configurations.

At NAB, IP interconnect with Acuity will be demonstrated in the ASPEN Community booth, the Evertz booth, and of course in the Ross booth; all with IP signal management under control of the Evertz Magnum control system.

Acuity DoubleDown Panels are designed to accelerate operation in live environments for those large I/O systems in sport and other fast paced productions where shift functions to access mapped sources are undesirable. DoubleDown bus models are a premium option that doubles the number of key/aux bus assignment buttons for every ME row. This greatly reduces or eliminates the need for shifts entirely.

Acuity is rapidly evolving and Ross continues its significant investments in production switcher R&D to ensure that it is not only the best available choice today, but will remain so for many years to come.


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